What's In My Professional Organizer Bag?

hello friends!

Whether you're looking to organize your space yourself, thinking about starting an Organizing business, or just want a go-to kit for things you may need around the house, all the parts of this bag are super helpful!

My organizing bag has been inspired by the wonderful Jennifer Johnson - the Owner of The Orderly Space in Seattle, WA! She has great tips for starting your own PO business, so highly recommend you give her a follow!

There are a few things that worked better for me personally, so of course I made some changes & wanted to share those here with you all!

To start off, this tote bag has been amazing! It's incredibly sturdy, and I love that it has side pockets for me to easily place my phone, scissors, or any other easy go-to items that I might need to find! The grey with pockets was a little pricier, but I personally liked the pocket option.

Next up, I use two Medium Multi-Purpose Bins from The Container Store. These bins hold:

- trash bags

- Brother P-Touch Label Maker

- household cleaner (personal favorite is Mrs. Meyers)

- paper towels

Yes, most of my clients already have trash bags, paper towels, and cleaning products in their home, but it's great to show you come prepared, and then don't need to ask them for anything!

Nuzzled between the Multi-Purpose bins is a simple tool set that I got off of Amazon. Blue was an option when I purchased, but each color has the same set (and pink is cute, right?!)! It comes with everything I use on projects, and a few other items that can come in handy!

Also between the multi-purpose bins but tough to see in the photos, is this Household Hardware Kit (also on Amazon!)

If my client wants to keep some paintings that have been in her home but never hung up, we go ahead and tackle that together (before it never gets done!), so I want to make sure we have everything we need!

Or, sometimes we need to adjust some shelving in a pantry or closet, so having these to quickly grab is a game changer.

Lastly, I have these IRIS clear cases in both small and medium sizes (you guessed it, more Amazon!)

The small cases hold:

1) Phone chargers (never want to have to ask a client for hers!)

2) Note pads + Post-Its

3) Cord savers (both velcro & cable clips)

4) Labels

The medium cases hold:

1) Cleaners: Alcohol pads, Goo-gone, and Magic Erasers

2) Adhesives: Tape, Museum putty, Glue Dots, and Command Strips

3) Writing Utensils: Sharpies, chalk markers, paint markers, pens & pencils

There you have it! That's a look into my bag! If you think of anything else that may be helpful for me, or if you have any questions about the items I use drop them in the comments!

Happy organizing!

- Sarah

Photos: Sarah Reaves Photography

Inspiration: The Orderly Space

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