5 Steps to Start Decluttering TODAY!

Updated: Jan 1

hello friends!

The #1 reason clients reach out to me to help declutter their homes is that they don’t know where to start. Decluttering is overwhelming and an emotional process, and that is why I am here to help. BUT, if you think you’ve got this and you’re ready to say goodbye to your clutter and just need a little help with what to do - Hello Clutter to the rescue!

While your ultimate decluttering experience depends on your personal goals, the 5 steps below are a great place to start!

Step 1: Why

Determine your “Why”. Hehe, this feels so Entrepreneur 101, but seriously, decluttering is it’s own job, and it’s tough. If you want to remain motivated, you have to figure out the Why that is fueling you. Why do you want to declutter? “I want to get rid of all the crap in my house”. Okay coolio, why? Why why why why why why why. Write it down in your journal, a note in your phone, tell your roommate, your boyfriend, your mom, your wife, or even your dog.

Figure. It. Out. Keep asking yourself “why” until you can’t get any deeper! Without a purpose you’ll be back on the couch finding something new on Netflix to watch (send any suggestions my way, btw).

Step 2: Take it ALL Out (& Clean)!

Take everything out! Everything. (Did I stutter?) Empty the space you are trying to declutter so that you can create a blank slate. If you start with your closet (which I highly recommend), take out all of your clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Don’t skip this step. You will miss things that have been shoved in the back for years (trust me). Stare at that empty closet, then CLEAN! MY FAVE PART (I know, it's not everyones cup of tea but I love it). Get all those cobwebs and dirt globs outta there. Fresh space = happy space.

Working on the kitchen? Deep clean those cabinets while you’re at it. Your space will be refreshed, and you’ll only want to put items that keep you happy in them!

Step 3: Say Goodbye

I’m not telling you that you need to be full on minimalist (and minimalism looks different for everyone), but when you stare at all the things that you own out of their usual spots it’s easier to realize you don’t need that much stuff. Grab a few boxes or bags, and make a Donate pile, Throw Away pile, or a few of each. Some people will advise you to make a Sell pile. I do not normally recommend this, but that is for another blog post soon! Not sure what to part with? Stay tuned for another post to come on that as well!

Step 4: Put it Back

Only the stuff you kept, of course! Some people love to have cute bins and that can be great - but please notice that there is not a Buy Cute Bins step. Product can make your project Insta-worthy and I LIVE for those before and after pictures. Personally I don’t think you need to spend more money on matching bins to make your space look BOMB, but it definitely helps with maintenance and developing a system where you and your family know things go. Either way, put things back where they make sense (whether in cute matching bins or not!). Move things around, try something on the left side and then the right. You got this! If not, you can reach out to me..or call your mom. Moms usually know where to put stuff.

Step 5: Bless Up + Repeat

Take a moment to appreciate all of your hard work, and be thankful for all the belongings you own. Even the ones you said goodbye to - they brought you value at one point of your life, so it’s important to practice gratitude. Now do it again for the next space you’re trying to tackle. Once you have that momentum, keep going! It will take time. It is exhausting. But, it is worth it. Trust me.

If you don’t practice the Repeat step, you may find yourself accumulating more stuff (and we want to avoid reintroducing clutter back into our lives as much as possible!). Life has a funny way of reintroducing clutter in our lives. Maybe it’s through your passion for buying new clothes. Maybe it’s through your overly generous, gift-giving family. This is why it is important to routinely repeat this process! The great part about this is you’ve already done it once, so now you’re an expert and you can do it again!!

Don’t forget to send me those before & after photos! I want to celebrate with you!

What has kept you from DIY-ing your organization at home? I would love to know where your biggest pain points are in the process!

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