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I'm Sarah Valeri, and I love helping people organize their spaces.


I was born and raised in Upstate New York, until my family relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina to escape the unrelenting winters. I wouldn’t say that I have always been an organized person, and I can recall many times growing up where I couldn’t see the carpet that lived beneath the clothes on my floor. Growing up each Spring, my mother had my sister and I go through our belongings and create piles to send off for donations. There was something about gathering things that I knew in my heart were no longer of value to me and being able to let them go. But I lost touch of that feeling the other three seasons of the year. 


It wasn't until I went to college at North Carolina State University that I truly fell in love with organizing. There was something about having a space that was truly my own (even if it was just a dorm room). While in college, I never felt settled enough to tackle an essay or study session without everything in my room being placed back where it belonged - including the hundreds of DVDs that needed to be put in alphabetical order on my bookshelf.


As I began my career as a 6th Grade Math Teacher, I continued to use my organization skills. I knew that I needed to create an environment to foster learning just as I had done for myself. A few days into my first year of teaching, my constant need for things to be tidy quickly came crashing down around me. How a group of thirty eleven-year-old children couldn’t keep one room clean was baffling to me. After discussing my frustrations with many veteran teachers, I finally realized what was missing: they needed to be taught.


There are so many things that we are taught as children: ABCs, how to share, and even long division, but there was never a class on how to organize. From my own studies of home magazines, books on organization, and sleepless nights figuring out the perfect way to organize my space, I was fortunate enough to feel empowered to do this on my own. However, there are so many people that live in a cluttered space, because they simply do not know where to begin. I concluded that I needed to use my gift of teaching not only with mathematics, but also with organizing.


Although I have left my days in the classroom behind, my desire to teach and help others never ceased. I have spent years helping friends and family downsize and optimize the space that they have. I truly believe that we do not need larger homes. Instead, we simply need the opportunity to evaluate all that we own in order to determine what belongings bring us happiness and what belongings we need to say goodbye to. This way, we will ultimately only be surrounded by things that we love. 


I am so blessed to have created a space that I am proud to call my own, and I love nothing more than sharing all that I have learned with others. My hope for you is that together we can work to create your ideal space so that you can live your ideal life.

Sarah Valeri of Hello Clutter is a Professional Organizer out of the Raleigh, NC area.

Photos by Sarah Reaves Photography

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