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You tried, got some cute bins and things STILL aren't working. You're craving an organized home, but have no idea how to start.


Time to call in Hello Clutter!

I'm Sarah Valeri, your ultimate decluttering and organization hype-woman.

My official title may be "Professional Organizer" but what I do goes so far beyond that. I'm your mirror, accountability partner, advocate, and sometimes a shoulder to cry on

My mission is to help my clients say goodbye to their clutter and simplify their homes so they can feel free.


I've been where you are now: feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. If you are tired of arguing with your family, you've tried to get organized in the past but failed, OR you want it off your plate and don't want to lift a finger - let's chat more!

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I started out my career in Education teaching 6th grade math. It was there that the idea of organization being such an important topic really started to hit home for me.


There are so many things that we are taught as children: ABCs, how to share, and even long division, but there was never a class on how to organize. Insert: Hello Clutter!


Officially founded in 2019, I started Hello Clutter by organizing any and every space I could find and now offer in-person organization, virtual organization, and courses to help empower my clients to create an everlasting impact on their homes and their lives.

Clutter shows up in our lives in ways you might not even realize, and with my help I'm here to transform your home so that you can experience the freedom that comes living clutter-free!


My prayer for you is that together we can work to create your ideal space so that you can live your ideal life.

I am so blessed to have built this business and can't wait to share my passion with you.

What are you waiting for?! Let's book that free consultation today!!